Monday, February 18, 2008

Janet Reno

There is a new song. It is about Janet Reno. It was inspired by Kelli Rae, who once had Janet Reno walk out of Banjo Jim's right as she started her set. We will debut it at our Pete's Candy Store show on the 27th.

Janet Reno apparently spends a lot of time in East Village juke joints.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

2/12 Banjo Jim’s blizzard show report

Not a soul in the bar when I arrived last night except Wayne, the bartender. I removed the inch of snow from my head with a paper towel. We commiserated about the weather. 7:00...7:10...7:20...the 10:00 guy called to cancel his slot...the blizzard continued to whirl outside. Finally my friend Monica walked in. We chatted. I said the show was probably not going on. How many people do you need to perform? The answer was two: the friend she had instructed to meet her appeared and said he was there to see the show. I made them sit in the front. Played a set of funny numbers, with just Monica and her friend and Wayne listening (but really listening, and enjoying it, and laughing at all the right places). The next act came in about halfway through and they listened too, so in the end I played to 6 people. Monica's friend bought a CD. $7 in tips. 2 mailing list adds. I got a cab home in the slippery slush and basically broke even.