Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Review in The Deli Magazine

Sweet Soubrette packs "Siren Song" to the brim with bobbing vocals that sway from wispy to very straight forward. Hit or miss, each song explores very different elements from the Hawaiian influence with ukulele to country and even dreamy, electronic music. Some songs, like "Lucky to Be Here," are almost impossible to stop replaying in one's head after hearing them. The aforementioned track is echoed and glitch-y with layered vocals and an honest energy. The intensity of Sweet Soubrette bleeds in and out of the the record but you can pick up pieces of it in some of Ellia Bisker's tangled, strumming songs. With her sometimes Dolly Partonesque singing and multiple styles of instrumentation, she certainly has something unique to offer and is someone to keep an eye on. Also, who can resist mermaids and songs reminiscent of sea shanties?
-L.P., The Deli Magazine, Issue #16, Volume #2, Fall 2008