Monday, November 30, 2009

Free Download: "Tears That I've Cried"

Sweet Soubrette is one of 50 artist/bands selected for inclusion in the first week of Microsoft’s new Playlist Seven program! For you, this means a free download of the track “Tears That I’ve Cried.” For Sweet Soubrette, it means a chance to become a featured artist on Playlist Seven, which would be an amazing opportunity!!

Even if you already have this song (it’s on the album Siren Song), please support Sweet Soubrette by downloading “Tears That I’ve Cried” from Playlist Seven. If it's one of this week's top 7 downloads, Sweet Soubrette will move on to become a Featured Artist on Playlist Seven!

Please let your friends know about the free download and help Sweet Soubrette become a Featured Artist.

Enjoy! Thank you!!
Sweet Soubrette