Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Recording Report, Part 1

We are in the midst of recording two new songs: "Be My Man" and "Anais," working with producer Don Godwin.  Exciting!  We're laying down the tracks in multiple sessions, first the rhythm section, then violin and keys and backing vox (Stacy is imminently about to have a baby, so best to get her done asap!), then horns, then uke and my vocals last. 

Recording session #1 was last night and it went well! Bob and Mike hit it off with Don and the vibe was good. About 3 hours of setup of drums and mics, then 2 hours of playing, an hour per song. The building is this huge 19th-century can factory that includes a bunch of interesting arty businesses. The studio is in the cavernous basement. We ordered in delicious but terrible Thai food and I had a stomachache the whole time. We got some good takes. :)

Don setting up his console

Mike on the drums

Bob lounging

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