Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Recording Report: Part 5

Monday night was the last round of tracking on the new recordings, just me on vocals and uke, hanging out with Don in the basement laboratory that is the studio, working until after midnight. 

When I arrived at the studio, Don had just realized he needed a firewire cable.  Did I want to go for a ride to Guitar Center?  I did.  Guitar Center is in the Atlantic Terminal mall complex, redolent of Auntie Anne's pretzels (what did malls smell like before there were mall pretzels?) and reminiscent of that scene from Wayne's know the one.  Don found the right cable, we did a quick circuit of the microphone display, wailed on the bongos for a minute, and then it was back to the studio. 

I love recording vocals. It's so much fun. Almost like working on an athletic skill, learning what it feels like in your body when the right thing happens and then doing it on purpose and better, making adjustments, pushing yourself in specific directions. Like getting your swing just right.

I've had a bunch of voice lessons since the last time I recorded, and even though it's been a while, I could feel the benefit -- better control and better power, breathing from my gut, not having to push as hard.  Knowing how to warm up helped a lot too, even though it makes me incredibly self-conscious to be making such stupid noises.  But a voice is an instrument too.  Better to remember that.

For Anais I focused on getting a smoky/velvety vocal sound.  For Be My Man I tried to channel Sharon Jones.  We got some really nice takes, and I can't wait to hear how it's all going to come together.  From here on out it's all mixing.

This is where I got to stand.

My fancy vocal mic.  So pretty.

Don wailing on the bongos.

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