Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunday Songs #4: Isabella Rossellini

Have you had the pleasure of watching Isabella's Green Porno series? If you haven't seen these brilliant short films about the sex lives of animals, which she directed and stars in (outfitted in a mind-boggling array of papier-mache insect and marine life costumes), get thee to the Sundance Channel's website post haste.  If you haven't heard Isabella Rossellini talk about whale penises and snail anuses in her beautiful Italian accent, your life is a sad and incomplete thing. 

The Green Porno series inspired the song "Isabella Rossellini," a love letter to the woman herself in the language of these films.  We provide no explanation when we play this number at Sweet Soubrette shows, where it has nevertheless become our first successful audience participation number.  I suppose it's not so hard to understand--everybody wants Isabella Rossellini to love them. 

(Okay, not technically posted on a Sunday, but whatever.)

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